Seth Godin’s Advice
Are we using time or is time using us?
Change. It’s Hard. It’s Inevitable.
The vision you have for your company probably involves, growth. Growth means change. The change we’re talking about today is implementation.
Processes. Boring? Yes. 5 Reasons They’ll Save Your Company
Processes are boring. Yes. They’re a kind of adhesive that gives you the security to know things are built well. Enlist your team. Ask questions. Build good processes. That’s the sign of great leadership.
Start. Or Not. There Is No…
Putting off organizing your ass(ets) is a choice. Start. Don't start. Your content, assets, will be waiting for you to act.
Algorithm bias & image search in DAM can be problematic
Algorithms. Bias. Things to take into consideration.
An Asset Audit Is Not Your First Step
An audit should not be your first DAM implementation step. It should be second or third. First step is getting clear on what you do with your assets now, as in today - how is your team handling files?
DAM Language & Terms
Your team knows dropbox, sharepoint, shared drives. Here comes your DAM salesperson throwing out MartTech, Assets, MetaData, Faceted Search, and SO many more terms. Here's some help.
Where To Start With DAM? (It Depends…)
Starting with DAM can be like jumping into a marathon race when you thought you were headed out for a nice hike. It's important to decide where you are and what your team needs, then build your DAM project. There's no singular way to start your company's DAM implementation.
To Subscribe Or To Buy. That Is A Question.
Cloud DAMs or Locally hosted DAMs? Let's talk about them. In this post we'll cover some pros and cons of each.
Does The DAM You’re About To Invest In Deliver What It Promises?
You researched, listened to sales pitches, and are ready to buy the DAM thing. Make sure it delivers what was promised specifically for your company.