DAM Language & Terms
Your team knows dropbox, sharepoint, shared drives. Here comes your DAM salesperson throwing out MartTech, Assets, MetaData, Faceted Search, and SO many more terms. Here's some help.

Like everything technology, the market or industry you're working in has its own language.

Today's very short post gives you links to several of the most up to date DAM glossaries where you can search terms you want to understand better.

There isn't a singular DAM organization that has developed an index of terms or glossary that is considered the wikipedia of DAM. This list will be out of date soon. If you have better, other or more links readers can benefit from, please comment below.

I include several glossaries from several countries because depending on who contributes to them, there might be a skew toward a specific industry. Welcome to the very wide open world of DAM language. I note if a glossary belongs to a DAM software company and if they cater to a specific industry (vertical DAM vs Horizontal DAM)

Some of these lists focus on their specific software terms and usage. Like all things technology, things change. I will continue to add to and update this post, so bookmark it for future use.

The Unofficial, Not Comprehensive List
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