Start. Or Not. There Is No…
Putting off organizing your ass(ets) is a choice. Start. Don't start. Your content, assets, will be waiting for you to act.
Start. Or don't. (It doesn't change the need.)

There will always be something you have to get to. An event. A meeting. A family thing. Cleaning out the car, the garage, the closets, the kitchen cabinets.

One Saturday you wake up with all the energy to tackle that mountainous task.

You make your coffee. Brush your teeth. Have your morning constitutional. You get dressed in your "get my hands dirty and sweat myself silly" work clothes.

You swing open the garage door.

In that moment your progress is decided. Take a deep breath and dive in. Or...sigh and walk back in the house.

Perfection is unrealistic. In software, in life, in business. It just is.

Waiting means the pile of files you know need organizing grows bigger.

If you look at the problem for a bit longer, a starting place makes itself clear. Do that. Take that step. Let it create the momentum to keep (or get) going.

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